A New Era Begins

Meet the new Church Multiplication Operating System (CMOS)!

For Such a Time as This!

The prevailing church operating system has profound say over the operations of over 300,000 churches in the U.S. For the past 40 years, this consumer driven operating system has been the dominant programmatic church growth engine fueling the mega and multisite movements. Numerically, the results are impressive. Unfortunately, the prevailing system that brought us here is losing steam, and showing its inability to produce the Biblical multiplication Jesus intends for his church.

A growing number of church, network, and denominational leaders are unhappy with the results the existing church operating system (OS) is producing. When it does produce, it is producing in decreasing amounts, and what it is producing isn’t capable of multiplication. COVID accelerated the negative trends that were already showing in the growth and impact of the church in North America.

The time is now for birthing (or rediscovering) a Biblically sound operating system that is capable of mobilizing movements of surrendered disciple makers. Not cultural Christians fed by programming, but disciple makers committed to reducing lostness in their geographies, seeing their communities thriving, and seeing more disciples mobilized through churches planting disciple making churches. 

The era of the Church Multiplication Operating System (CMOS) is born!

Planting New Churches is Critical

Our bridge to the future lies in leaders willing to plant new churches, with new operating systems, enabling new methods that catalyze Gospel saturation.

The Power of an Operating System

An operating system is a group of components that integrate together to produce consistent, specific outcomes. Operating systems are not to be confused with models or approaches. Instead, operating systems function at a higher level to shape and inform the development of models. Models are analogous to the “apps” that run on your phone, enabled by a common operating system. We ultimately want to see new wine (new models and approaches), in new wineskins (new operating systems), more effectively poured out to reach into the cracks and crevices of society saturating our communities with the Gospel and reducing lostness in our generation. This must start with a new church multiplication operating system (church mOS) capable of reproducing and mobilizing disciples and not built on a programmatic consumer growth engine.

Goals // Objectives

The mOS initiative running from fall 2022 through 2024  in 3 distinct phases

  • Co-Create / Design >> Late 2022

    Develop a new multiplication operating system (mOS) for the church using a collaborative, co-creation process with 30+ national networks, denominations, and thought leaders finishing in early 2023

  • Pilot / Test >> 2023

    Beta test the new mOS with several successive cohorts of at least 15 church planters each from participating ministries. Refine and improve the mOS before public launch in early 2024

  • Share / Mobilize >> 2024

    Build a growing library of white-labeled resources for networks, denominations, and thought leaders to user and improve as the new mOS is implemented throughout 2024

Progress // Status

Co-Creation & Design

Over 35+ networks, denominations, and thought leaders worked for approximately 6 months to understand the weaknesses in the current consumer-driven, programmatic operating system and to co-create a simple, Biblically sound frame work for a new multiplication operating system (mOS). This work completed in February 2023.

Pilot & Test

Throughout 2023 and into early 2024, we are piloting the new mOS with several cohorts with 15 church planters in peer-to-peer learning environments. Each 1-year journey includes approximately 3 months of equipping in the key elements of the mOS, seeking to hear God's input, creating launch plans, and transitioning to implementation.

Mobilize & Share

All the core resources of the new mOS are being white labeled and made available for FREE use by leaders, churches, networks, and denominations. We anticipate a number of new books and other training materials to be published and available by early 2024. The first three chapters of an early book are available for download here.

New mOS

Coming Soon – An Overview of the New mOS!

Leadership / Facilitation

The core work team includes seasoned leaders from three non-profit organizations committed to the future of the church. These groups include Catapult, Auxano, and Multipliers. Doug Paul and Todd Milby from Catapult, David Putman and Jim Randall from Auxano, and Todd Wilson from Multipliers (and founding CEO of Exponential) are actively involved in guiding the development of the new mOS.

Special thanks to Leadership Network who provided the initial financial grant to catalyze this mOS initiative, to Asbury Seminary’s Center for Church Multiplication for providing grants for the first 15 church planters to participate in the beta cohorts, and to Exponential for a strong library of church multiplication resources that help illuminate the core elements of a multiplication operating system.

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